Coronavirus Update –

Cornwall Council Planning Service Operation

Cornwall Council is working hard to keep the planning service operating effectively. The priority is to determine all applications where site visits have been undertaken. The Council has suspended all site visits and meetings at the moment and is considering alternative ways of working to protect staff and residents. Council staff are working from home wherever possible to enable the business to continue.

Important Notice – Temporary change in respect of publicity of planning applications during COVID-19 crisis

Please note that Cornwall Council will not be displaying a Site Notice for the majority of planning applications during the COVID 19 crisis.  Whilst the Legislation for most applications requires either a Site Notice or a Neighbour Notification, Cornwall Council has previously committed to both forms of publicity.  However, during the current crisis they will not be displaying Site Notices which will ensure officers are not travelling out of their homes unless absolutely necessary to protect the health of our staff and our residents.

The only exception being applications for development affecting a Public Right of Way, development representing a departure from the Development Plan or applications for EIA development accompanied by an Environmental Statement, as these applications require a Site Notice to be displayed. For these applications during the COVID-19 crisis period, we will either post a Site Notice to applicants and ask them to display it, or agree to an extension of time until the restrictions on travel no longer apply.

Parish Council Planning Consultation Process

The Parish Clerk is awaiting further information from Cornwall Council but due to meeting restrictions, it has been agreed for the time being, that

  1. The Clerk will advertise a weekly planning list on the council’s website with links to all planning applications received from the planning authority, offering the public the opportunity to let her know of any views.  There will be a deadline for public comments to the Clerk, in writing, of  5 working days from publication.
  2. At the same time the clerk will circulate the list with links to all members of the council for member comments.
  3. At the end of the public opportunity to comment, the Clerk will forward a summary of the public comments received to the Planning Working Group for a period of a further 5 working days. Under GDPR, the Clerk will not circulate individual responses without the writer’s express permission.
  4. Under the Emergency Scheme of Delegation, the Clerk and appropriate members will agree a council response which identifies relevant material considerations and may give local information or opinion. The draft response is then shared with members for 2 days for any comments, before being sent to Cornwall Council with the following statement: “Due to the restrictions placed on the Parish Council as a result of the pandemic Coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of members of St  Mawgan-in-Pydar Parish Council, identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the council. “
  5.  The Council’s response will then be posted on the council’s website.
  6. If the matter is referred back to the council under the 5-day protocol, the Emergency Scheme of Delegation will allow the Clerk to take any appropriate action to respond on behalf of the council.


  Cornwall Council Weekly Planning 

Planning documents can be accessed via the following link:

Friday 15 May – 1 advice:

PA20/03247. Applicant Mr Andrew McCutcheon. Proposal: Redevelopment of site with replacement dwelling with variation of condition 2 (plans approved) of decision PA19/05218 dated 08/04/2020 Location: Green Hedges Trenance Mawgan Porth. Comment by 6th June. Case Officer: Jonathan Stoneman.

and 2 decisions:

PA18/11557 WITHDRAWN Applicant: Mr Broadway. Proposal: Construction of stables and associated access track and bunding. Location: Land At SW8538366977 Mawgan Porth.

PA20/00536 Granted (CAADs, PIPs and LUs only) Applicant: Mr & Mrs Peter & Nicola Murrish Proposal: Certificate of Lawfulness for an existing use of building as self-contained residential unit. Location: Jacaranda Retorrick Mill TR8 4BH.


Thursday 7 May – advice:1

PA20/02277 Applicant: St Mawgan-in-Pydar Parish Council. Proposal: Proposed works to trees within a Conservation Area – T17 an Oak less than 10m, T18 – a medium / large Acer and T19 a large (less than 20m) Ash mainly to remove the long lanky limbs and to crown raise the trees. Location: Mawgan-In-Pydar Playing Field St Mawgan.
This application will be decided by delegated authority. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Peter Daines on 01872 224798.

Friday 1st May – advices: 4

PA20/03343. Applicant: Mr and Mrs Mackeller. Proposal: Proposed side extension and porch. Location: 2 Lanherne Avenue St Mawgan TR8 4EL.
Comment by 22nd May. Case Officer: Jonathan Stoneman

PA20/03265. Applicant Ms Sarah Howie. Proposal: Application for Outline Planning Permission with some matters reserved (access only) for construction of two dwellings. Location: Land South East of The Lodge Trevenna Cross St Mawgan. Comment to Local Planning Authority required by 20 May. Sam Fuller, Case Officer.

PA20/02816. Applicant Mr R Reed and Mr J Wright. Proposal Demolition of existing dormer bungalow and subsequent construction of replacement dwelling. Location: Quarry Trenance Mawgan Porth. Comment to Local Planning Authority required by 18th May. Sam Fuller, Case Officer.

PA20/03254. Applicant Mrs Lynne Mann. Proposal: 1 x Turkey Oak to be pruned due to size and condition 3 x Sycamore to be pruned due to size and condition. Location: Lanherne Cottage Penpont St Mawgan TR8 4ET. As this application is for works to trees in a Conservation Area, it will be decided under delegated authority. There is no need for you to submit any comments to the local planning authority as this communication is merely to notify you that an application has been received. If you have any questions or concerns please contact 01726 223493, Gemma Old.

Decisions: 0

Friday 24th April –

PA19/07954. Applicant Mr H Anscombe. Proposal: Change of use of outbuilding to a holiday let and construction of an additional holiday cabin. Location: Natural Bridges St Mawgan.Comment  to Local Planning Authority required by 15th May. Mark Wigley, Case Officer.

Parish Council  submitted a comment onto CC online planning portal on 15th May: The Parish Council places a holding objection to this proposal until proper communication can be achieved with the Case Officer, for the following reasons:

Rationale: The Parish Council obtained an extension of time for comment in March to await an ecology report and to communicate in detail with the Case Officer dealing with the application. 1.  believing the description of the development is wrong, in so far as the PC is not aware of any planning permission existing for the change of use of either of the existing sheds. In addition, the latest ‘block plan’ does not show the proposed cabin in the woods.

2.  It is not evident that a site visit has taken place in respect of the forestry assessment as photographs requested are not on the website. The Parish Council is not satisfied that a full assessment of the proposal can be made without a site visit, particularly due to the sites sensitive woodland setting.


PA20/01030 APPROVED. Applicant: Mr Graham Jelly. Proposal: Replace existing windows with energy efficient windows to match original. Location: Pendorric St Mawgan TR8 4EN.

PA20/01376 APPROVED. Applicant: Dr K and J Anderson. Proposal: demolition existing property and construction of new replacement dwelling and detached garage. Location: Boscarne Trenance Mawgan Porth.

PA20/02596 APPROVED. Applicant: Mr and Mrs Luxton. Proposal: Non-material amendment (NMA1) to remove door to East elevation and replace with a window and removal of first floor window to lounge, enlargement of bedroom window to North ground floor elevation and to new high level windows to West elevation to decision PA19/06807 dated 09/10/19. Location: Wayside Mawgan Porth TR8 4BL.

Planning documents can be accessed via the following link:

5 Day Protocol – under Emergency Scheme of Delegation – Chair, Cllr G Jennings and Clerk. A response was lodged on Thursday 23rd April to:  1. Agree with Case Officer Recommendation (To refuse).

PA20/00157. Applicant: Mr Nick Robertson. Proposal: Change of land use from unused field to domestic curtilage. Construction of a tennis court to serve Polgreen Manor. Location: Polgreen Manor Polgreen St Mawgan TR8 4AG.

Members were consulted. Cllr W Corbett declared an interest (close neighbour).

Week ending –

Friday 17 April 2020 – 2 received:

PA20/02197 – Land South of Retorrick Mill St Mawgan Cornwall TR8 4BH All weather sand school for private use for exercising horses all year round and construction of new access – Mr and Mrs P Murrish.  (Case Officer – Mark Wigley).

The Clerk submitted a consultee comment on 6 May to Cornwall Council Online Planning Portal:

To withhold support for the proposal until more information is available about the requirement for the access arrangements proposed.
For the following reasons:
The Working Planning Group is still awaiting further communication from Mark Wigley, Case Officer to a question raised about the requirement for the access arrangements proposed, as the Working Planning Group have concerns regarding access safety onto the valley road particularly if it may involve children on horseback.
The PWG would like clarity on whereabouts, and extent of hedge destruction, as well as why this is necessary if the sand school is intended for private use and to keep children from needing to ride on the road as they can access from their property.
In addition, Sam Fuller’s response to the Polgreen tennis court (5 day protocol decision) is also worth noting as the sand school raises similar issues.
On a technical point the blue line area shown (other land owned by the applicant) does not appear to include the strip of land adjacent to Jacaranda that the applicant purchased from Mr Tavener so this is a procedural defect that should be addressed in any event.

PA20/02768 – The Shed Ox Lane St Mawgan TR8 4EU. Proposed first floor extension – Mr Andrew Williams – (Case Officer – Samuel Fuller).

The Clerk submitted a consultee comment on 6 May to Cornwall Council Online Planning Portal:

Noting objection from the neighbouring property to the south, Hilltop, the PC would welcome the case officer’s comments following his site visit before coming to any conclusion on the scheme.


Whilst further extension of The Shed may be acceptable, the owners of the neighbouring  property to the south, Hilltop, have raised a concern about the bulk and massing of the proposed second storey in close proximity to their boundary due to the different land levels. It appears that ‘overlooking’ will not be an issue as there are no windows proposed in the south western elevation of the proposed upper storey, however the bulk and massing of the proposed second storey, and the ‘unrelieved’ nature of the proposed timber cladding, may conceivably have an adverse effect upon Hilltop’s living conditions.

Friday 10th April 2020 – 0  received

Friday 3rd April 2020

Planning notice received 1st April:

PA20/02596. Applicant Mr And Mrs Luxton. Proposal: Non-material amendment (NMA2) to remove door to East elevation and replace with a window and removal of first floor window to lounge, enlargement of bedroom window to North ground floor elevation and to new high level windows to West elevation to decision PA19/06807 dated 09/10/19. Location: Wayside Mawgan Porth TR8 4BL.

The Working Planning Group have taken into consideration residents comments submitted to Cornwall Council Planning Portal and have commented thus:

Members of the Planning Working Group are unsure about possible overlooking issues and note there are two neighbour objections on the planning website, one citing condition 3 in the original decision – which does state:
‘With the exception of the bathroom window and garden room window shown on approved drawings PL-201 REV E and PL-101 REV D, no new openings shall be added to the North elevation. These windows shall be obscure glazed and fixed shut and remain as such thereafter’. It is noted that part of the proposal is not for a new opening, but to increase the size of the previously approved window. Therefore, that while these seem like minor amendments, the case officer has been asked to note the requirements of condition 3 and the neighbours’ concerns. 14/04/2019

Decisions – 2:

PA20/00381 APPROVED Applicant: Ms Sarah Howie Proposal: Reserved matters application for access only (to establish the vehicular access to serve the development) following outline approval PA19/02509 dated 06.01.20 for the construction of two dwellings. Location: Land North East Of The Lodge Trevenna Cross St Mawgan TR8 4HA.

PA20/01122 APPROVED Applicant: Mr And Mrs Montgomery Proposal: Amendments to PA19/09879, including: Addition of balcony off master bedroom, extension of footprint on lower ground floor, removal of garage, addition of window in bedroom 02. Location: Sea Ways Gwel An Mor Trenance Mawgan Porth TR8 4DW.

Friday 27 March 2020

Planning Advice – 0

Planning Decisions – 2:

PA19/11218 APPROVED Applicant: Mr Adam Knight Proposal: Redevelopment of site consisting of demolition of existing property and construction of replacement dwelling. Location: Red Cove Trenance Mawgan Porth.

PA20/00352 APPROVED Applicant: Mr & Mrs Old. Proposal: Extensions and alterations to property. Location: 23 Challis Avenue Carloggas St Mawgan TR8 4EJ.