St Mawgan-in-Pydar Parish Council Councillors

List of St Mawgan-in-Pydar Parish Council Councillors correct as of 18th February 2023

Code of Conduct 2021

St Mawgan Ward

Dr Liz McKenzie

Register of Interest  2021

Mrs Tracy Abell

Register of Interest 2023

Mrs Sarah Karkeek

Register of Interests 2021


Mrs Jay Latham

Register of Interests 2021

Mrs Clare Tyson

Register of Interests 2021


Trenance Ward

 Mr S (George) Williams

Register of Interests


Ms Deborah Carter

Register of Interests 2021

Mr W Corbett

Register of Inerests 2021

Mrs Kathryn A Mullard

Register of Interests 2021

Mr James McLuskie
Register of Interests 2021

Ms Kim Vose
ROI Form


Cornwall Councillor, Paul Wills – 

Clerk to the Council

Mrs Angela Hayne
St Mawgan Community Hall, St Mawgan TR8 4ET
Tel: 07500 515950


Amenities Beach and Environment Planning Transport and Rights of Way Complaints
Leader Liz McKenzie   William Corbett Deborah Carter Liz McKenzie
Kate Mullard William Corbett Liz McKenzie George Williams Clare Tyson
+ vacancy Deborah Carter George Williams Clare Tyson
James McLuskie Clare Tyson Sarah Karkeek
Jay Latham Chris Mann


James McLuskie

Neighbourhood Plan – Liz McKenzie, William Corbett, Clare Tyson, Deborah Carter,

Chris Mann, Kate Mullard, George Williams, T Abell

Internal Control D Carter, C Mann, J McLuskie, S Karkeek,
Playground Inspections L McKenzie
Tree Warden W Corbett, C Mann
Affordable Housing W Corbett, L McKenzie, C Tyson
Community Network Partnership L McKenzie, D Carter
Newquay Cornwall Airport D Carter
Search & Rescue Helicopter C Mann, D Carter
Playing Field Booking Clerk
St Mawgan Community Hall  L McKenzie, C Tyson, W Corbett, D Carter, J McLuskie
Almshouses C Tyson
Denzell Downs – Panel for awarding L McKenzie, S Karkeek, + 1 reserve vacancy
Mawgan Porth Hall D Carter
SAS Plastic Free


J Latham

D Carter + l vacancy