Working Groups

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Amenity area

Leader: Liz McKenzie

Beryl Cawley, Gwen Jennings, Sue Jones

This working group is principally responsible for the Playing Field, Burial Ground and Churchyard. Other responsibilities would include ensuring that the parish is generally kept tidy, the appearance of the war memorial, fountain and notice-boards.

Beach and environment

Leader: Steve Tavener

William Corbett, Deborah Carter, Terry Thomas

This working group is principally responsible for the beach, all waste and litter matters including dog-fouling, the river, water quality issues, and sewerage issues.


Leader: William Corbett

Liz McKenzie, Richard Cawley, Clare Tyson, Chris Mann

The principal purpose of this Working Group will be to enable at least 3 members of the Parish Councillors to consider planning applications in advance of the monthly meeting. This Working Group should also have responsibility for consultation responses on matters such as affordable housing, for making representations to the Cornwall Council Planning Committee on the Parish Councillor’s behalf, and also for initiatives such as a Parish Design Guide.

Transportation and Rights of Way

Leader: Richard Cawley
Deborah Carter, Clare Tyson, Sarah Karkeek

This working group is principally responsible for the parish footpaths, but also includes all transport issues including Newquay Airport, road safety, bus issues (including shelters), hedge-trimming of roads in the Parish and gritting.


Leader: Liz McKenzie
Clare Tyson

Internal Control – 1. Deborah Carter 2. Terry Thomas 3.
Chris Mann
Playground Inspections – T Thomas
Tree Warden – W Corbett
Healthwatch – G Jennings
Affordable Housing – R Cawley, W Corbett
Newquay St Columb Community Network – C Mann
Newquay Cornwall Airport – G Jennings
Newquay in Bloom – S Tavener
Playing Field Booking – Clerk
Road Safety – S Tavener
St Mawgan Community Hall – B Cawley
Almshouses – C Tyson
Denzell Downs – Panel for awarding – L McKenzie, S Tavener, S Karkeek (Reserve)
Mawgan Porth Hall – D Carter